Thursday, July 5, 2007

Food For Thought From The Sucess Factory

Shawna's prelude: After reading this email today I realized that this of course works with booking parties, online marketing, and a load of other things that we all want to improve in our business. The grass is always greener doesn't suit you in direct sales. Take your patch of grass and start watering it and green up on your own side of the fence ;)

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I heard a great quote today and unfortunately, I didn't have a pen and paper handy. However - the basic gist of the quote was that we should celebrate positive changes made instead of fretting over whether or not you are hitting your goal. The goal will come as a result of those changes.

Think about it for a moment. Maybe your goal is to promote into management. But in order to do this, you need to begin to build a team. You have yet to recruit even one person and you need five people to become a manager. This can make the goal of becoming a manager seem completely unattainable to you. But, you make the decision to learn everything you can about recruiting and so every time you get into your car, you play training CD's that help you to understand better the whole process of recruiting. Your focus begins to shift and soon you find that you are `wearing your recruiting glasses' and looking for green flags from the guests in attendance at your parties. You actually have started to ask people if they have ever thought of doing what you do and handing out some information. GOOD FOR YOU!

Even if that first recruit still eludes you, celebrate the fact that you are now being more intentional about starting to grow a team and have begun to develop new habit. Recruiting is a numbers game. By continuing to ask, ask, ask - eventually you will experience the success of helping someone to join your company.

Little changes become positive habits and positive habits will result in big results! What little change can you to make today?

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