Thursday, July 12, 2007

TSF on Learning from Adversity

In his book, Success is a Choice, author and basketball coach Rick Pitino shares ten tips for building a successful business.

Today, as I was reading Step Nine, Learning from Adversity - I was reminded of a conversation I had with my eye doctor this week.

His wife, a former customer of mine, joined another party plan company a few years ago - much to my dismay - as I had DEFINITELY asked her to join me. OK… I'm over it, and often, my doctor and I talk party plan during my exam.

Last year, when we chatted, he was the picture of a supportive and enthusiastic husband. His wife's business was doing great and he was 100% behind her.

This year, his attitude was a bit disgruntled. His wife Mary works all the time - often to the neglect of family. And the biggest issue of late seems to be a team leader in her organization who, after having a baby, was riding the career plan - buying inventory each month to maintain her rank. This of course was blocking potential income for Mary.

Twenty plus years in party plan and I have seen similar scenarios play out time and time again. It is one of those things that just happens; especially when consultants have babies. However, in reading about adversity, I was reminded of several things.

In life and business, stuff happens. Some of it is in our control and some of it is not in our control. However, there are healthy and positive ways to handle the negatives and come out a stronger person in the end.

You must accept your role in the failure. You can't always blame fate or other people. You create what happens to you, based on your decisions. It sounded to me like Mary was really dwelling on this set of circumstances in her business. And given the fact that the baby is now eight months old, I would say - in my humble opinion - it is time to move forward and groom new management in her organization.

It is important to ask yourself if you adequately planned for the market change. In this case, Mary probably knew for several months that this key player was going to have a baby. Being a mom of three children herself she had to have known it was a possibility that this leader might not come back quite as strong - if at all.

Be careful about how you respond to a setback - especially to the people around you. Here is an instance where a spouse has gone from supportive to being negative about his wife's business. Being a typical husband - he's ready to have her throw in the towel - because he just wants to rescue his wife from her difficult situation. All of this is happening because Mary is complaining to him and not `dumping' to an upline.

In the remainder of the chapter on adversity, Rick Pitino gives some simple guidelines for sticking to the fundamentals, having faith in your vision and how to deal with personal tragedy in a positive and productive manner.

As for my doctor and his wife - you can bet that I'll be recommending this book to them when I go to pick up my new glasses. (After what he just charged me, I think he can probably afford to buy a copy for his wife and her entire team!)

This is a wonderful book to add to your library and for great motivational reading this summer. Whether you are a new consultant with big goals for your business or you have been building your business and want some fabulous leadership tips - there is something for everyone! Order your copy today.

Shawna's Note: I have read this book personally and found it very inspiring and an easy read. I love coaches because they know how to talk to the masses and really get their point across.

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