Thursday, July 19, 2007

Over Invite and Double Book - TSF

Talk about a vivid illustration as to WHY it is SO important for our hostesses to OVERINVITE AND why YOU should encourage last minute bookings.

This morning at 8am, I opened my email box to three messages. Two lunch invitations and a note from a friend arriving from CALIFORNIA TONIGHT to visit family and can we get together? Needless to say, I jumped at EVERYTHING. It has been too hard to get people pinned down this summer (myself included) and so, my day is shaping up in a very interesting way. Back-to-back lunches (yes, I just had a Diet Coke at lunch #2) topped off with a late evening visit and a glass of wine with a friend I've not seen in several years. It's a great day!

Summer is the one time of year when many people have the freedom to be super loose with their schedules - so, it is important to coach your hostesses accordingly. The chances that a party scheduled at the last minute will be a success are excellent! The ingredients are simple: Take ONE motivated hostess, add a LARGE guest list and top off liberally with some cool, sparkling summer beverages and VOILA you have an awesome PARTY. Keep it light, keep it simple and keep it fun. After all, that's what summer's all about, wouldn't you agree?

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