Wednesday, July 11, 2007

TSF on The Leads You Haven't Called Yet!

You know what I'm talking about. We ALL have them and the first step is admitting you have the problem. It's that fistful of lead cards from the last booth, fair or conference that you worked. Those people who were invited but didn't come to the party - maybe those who placed an outside order. It might even be the referrals you've received from customers, friends and family or uncalled names from your List of 100. Then, there are the people who you talked to about hosting or joining who said, “Maybe in a few years after the kids are in school”.

If you have been working your business regularly for at least six months, I guarantee, you have these valuable leads floating around in a variety of places. They are everywhere - on your desk, in your drawers, in your briefcase, in your car or in a random box or basket of paper that you have sitting on your floor (you know the one I mean - it's the one you just filled to find the top of your desk.)

A friend and I were discussing this phenomenon the other day and she pointed out to me something I'd never thought about with regards to WHY so often we procrastinate on taking action with this valuable potential source of business. The answer is one simple word, “No.” Everyday that we don't take action on this contact information, it still feels almost like potential business sitting on our desk - even if our calendar is completely blank - it's as though we have a thriving business. There is still the possibility that these names and numbers might become a future customer, hostess or recruit. If we pick up the phone and call and they say, “No”, then the lead is lost; a possibility no longer.

However, with this potential can come a weight of guilt representing the “should's” and "need to's" of your business.

There is freedom and honesty in action. So today we encourage you to begin to take action and start to mine for the riches that may be buried in these piles. Put on your thick skin, pick up the phone and go for it. Once you have conquered the piles, you will have a truthful assessment of where your business is really at.

Be playful with these calls - treat them with humor and transparency. It is really OK to say, “You probably don't remember me, and I'm not sure I'd recognize you if we met on the street; but apparently we met at a fair that I worked last year and I found your name and phone number when I did some spring cleaning.”

Commit to taking action on five of these leads each day. If five feels like too many, start with just one a day. Rejoice when they say, “yes”, and rejoice when they say, “no”. A “no” chips away at that burden of guilt. It means you can rip up that name and number and you will be amazed to find that gives a rush of adrenaline almost equal to a “yes”.

Try it, you'll like it!

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