Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Happy 4th of July!

Our country is having it's birthday today and I'm about to celebrate my 1 year anniversary with Urban Botanic coming up in August. I can still remember the day I signed up and the anticipation of receiving my kit and becoming the first consultant outside of UT. Urban Botanic has just been reborn with this incredible new technology available to us.

I know I sent out an email to all of you with news that the first UB Signature Collection had been purchased on my website and how excited I am about the future that this option will bring us both with parties and without.

If you go to Account Inquiry in the UB Office you'll be able to see the orders placed on your site and match them up with those hosting a party that have guests purchasing outside orders. It's pretty cool and I had McKenna walk me through it the other day so I'm feeling VERY confident about the future.

Tonight I spent the evening with my son and Grandmother watching "America's Got Talent" (which obviously it mostly doesn't) and putting together the La Mode lotion samples and postcards for their VIP bags (300). She was a lot of help and it reminded me of ways that we continually are able to involve our family and not take away from them but still get our business done that needs to be done on time! Honestly I probably wouldn't have made the trip over to visit with her had I not been wanting to get these finished and knowing she would be happy to help! So tonite UB created family time of all things!

I know that Summer can be a bit more challenging in booking parties but hopefully you are all working towards your goals of how many parties you want to have booked every week and which days you want them on. Coming up in the next few months I am hiring a consultant that usually works with Corporate companies and is going to begin working with our team specifically. I will actually take one of my training sessions and put her on the team call for the hours to really educate and help you build your businesses locally. I'll give you plenty of advanced notice to prepare to be on the call and be happy to record it as well!

Enjoy your 4th, be safe, and smell good!

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