Friday, June 15, 2007

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME cha cha cha...

Well it's finally here. The big 37! This week started off a bit bumpy including getting rear-ended last night for the 2nd time in my car. (ugh) Luckily no real damage except jamming my thumb against the steering wheel. The dude couldn't even put out his cigarette while giving me his insurance card (HELLO!). So I drove into Jack in the Box for a Chicken Sandwich and drove out with a Sourdough Burger (how hard is it really to get the right order these days LOL)! But no matter, I'm still in a good mood because I have my health, my family, and Urban Botanic and I'm so excited about everything that's coming our way including a new team member in MI I'm planning to sign on this weekend. We'll end up with 32 in The Hive on my birthday which is only 5 short of my updated goal so it's back on to 50 as the next milestone!

Here is my current plan of action for the rest of June:

1. Deliver Downtown Dog Lounge their perfume samples for 4 legged friends by 6/20.
2. Place the ad in the Fashion First Seattle Fashion Show
3. Provide 80 samples and postcards for swag bags for Fashion First
4. Put together 100 sample and postcards for the IADT Fashion Show
5. Finish off the wedding bee samples
6. Follow up on the August Beauty Buffet (blog) interview on yours truly
7. Mother Magnetism ( featuring UB.
8. Pass Out Birthday Card Postcards at parent friendly locations
9. Work with Hive Leadership on overall training program for new designers
10. Add 2-3 new team members personally and assist other Hive Members in making UBS

Well that should keep the rest of June hopping! If you haven't added your June and July parties you've booked to the Team Site (meaning you emailed them to me) please do so and we can continue the incredible momentum. Next birthday 2008 my goal is 100 Members in The Hive and a huge celebration before the UB convention (I'm sure we'll be ready by then ;) and a Hive Party that everyone in UB is invited to with a huge dance, goodie bags of Hive Swag, and Beelicious food! I'm a party girl!

OK WAIT..... blowing out the virtual candles on my goals...


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Kelsey aka MamaSpice said...

Go Shawna, it's your birthday! Go Shawna, it's your birthday!

Throw your hands in the air, and wave 'em like you just don't care!

Happy Birthday, woman! :)