Saturday, June 16, 2007

Vacations Continued

But I just want to get away from it all and not even THINK about my business for one entire week…isn't THAT OK?

So…you want to just get away from it all for a week or two and NOT think about your home business. You really just need a clean break to relax, refresh and rejuvenate…is that allowed?


We love our businesses so much we think about them all the time. The fact that we work from home only makes it that much harder to `go home from work' so-to-speak. EVERYONE needs a break and it is important that you take one once in a while. So, what are some strategies to use to really get away from it all?

Communication is key - let your team and your customers know that you will be away by an automated email and voice mail message.

Consider running a sales or recruiting contest to your team while you are away - that will help keep your team sales statistics up while you are gone.

Run a special phone sale for customers while you are gone so that you have orders to place when you return.

Double up on your sales and recruiting activity for the days in the month that you will be working in order to keep your goals in place. For example - if your goal is 8 parties a month and you will be gone for two weeks in July, you will need to do 4 parties a week when you are in town vs. 2 parties a week throughout the month. Make sense?

Share with your team what you are doing - it is important to role model responsible business behavior to them.

If you are seriously getting away (and we DO recommend that you afford yourself this luxury at least once a year) DON'T bring your laptop or Blackberry on vacation and don't check voice mail.

Consider building in an extra day when you get home. Plan your vacation so that you return one day before consultants or customers are expecting you. The same can hold true for returning to your office after being away at convention. One extra day to regroup with your family and your laundry is an important gift to give yourself.

Do what you LOVE while you are on vacation and be 100% present. That way, you will truly come back ready to get back to business!

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