Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Hive Member Spotlight - Shawna Straub - Seattle, WA

I realized that I haven't really ever done the spotlight on myself and since we didn't have anyone new this week I figured I'd take it on!

I am married to my Internet sweetheart (LOL) named Ted and we have a son Dallon who is turning 8. We live in Auburn, WA which is about 20 minutes south of Seattle. My birthday is 6/15 and I'm a TRUE Gemini in every sense. One fun fact is that my entire family lives in the same neighborhood (Mom and bro and his family) which is actually pretty fun most of the time.

I decided to join Urban Botanic after talking to McKenna and Craig and receiving a product sample in scents created for my beach house. It was so personal and fun I just had to do it. My support network is really pretty good. My Dad has been in financial services and self-employed since I was 14 so I've really grown up in a positive and entrepreneurial environment. I really enjoy what working for yourself accomplishes vs. Corp America. To support me, fellow hive members can always feel free to give feedback and share their challenges or concerns.

My personality tests range from Fruity to Spicy depending on my mood when I take the test. I have to agree with those but honestly I'm drawn to EVERY scent family and have favorites in each one.

Within the next year I hope to have 100 members in The Hive and be getting close to the $50k mark with income. I'm definitely a business builder and think that recruiting is my favorite part and what I'm good at so want to constantly focus on that.

The one personality trait I think I have that helps me most is I'm pretty much fearless. I'm not afraid to talk to people about the business whether it be a boutique, blogger, reporter, etc. I figure the worst anyone can do is say NO and my son does it all the time. :)

If I were a tree I'd be a Palm Tree. They are tall and skinny and produce coconuts (and I'm nuts) and can weather any storm! That's my goal, to weather everything including success!

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UB SoCal said...

I love this!!! That's funny that you've never spotlighted yourself! Thanks for sharing!