Sunday, June 10, 2007

Hosting Your Child's Career Day

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Presenting at Dallon's Career Day was a total blast. It's a captive audience that you know will be going home to Mom and Dad and begging to have this type of party with friends or for their own birthdays.

I set up the presentation basically with a few oils showing, a shower poof to throw around to keep their attention and an unscented product to make for the winners of my game. Here is how it worked.

1. Present yourself and the company, explain the basics of what we do. Show them the different colored labels on the oils and explain the scent families and personalities. Have them raise their hands if they typically like fruity or floral or spicy scents and give examples of what they are.

2. Explain that you will be showing them how we mix a product and there will be a winner that gets to take it home. Pass out game slips (will be on teamburst) and have them Guess The Scent for 3 scents. I chose Lemon, Peppermint and Green Apple for my 1st crew and then Chocolate, Peppermint, and Green Apple for the 2nd. We had almost everyone miss Green Apple on both classes so that was interesting.

3. Explain that the bath poof will show who has the "floor" or who should be talking. When I hold the poof they need to listen to me, when I throw it to someone we will listen to them. That helped a lot with people speaking when they shouldn't and blaring out answers when I didn't want them to.

4. Once you have a winner, have them come up to the front of the class. I had a tie on the 2nd group and for that I broke it with whichever person's birthday was closest to mine. You could have them smell another scent but I had a time frame to work with. When they come up I ask them what types of scents they like. Most of the winners chose scents we had already smelled in the game so that worked well. One chose Lemon, Peppermint and Vanilla, the other Raspberry, Strawberry, and Vanilla. I did a Bubble Bath on Group #1 and a Shower Gel on Group #2.

5. Show them how to do the math and help them put the drops in the glass (depending on age). Then have some other folks from the audience help with mixing and stirring, etc. I had boys shake it up when we were done with big muscles, etc. etc.

6. When I was finished mixing the product I asked "Don't you think it would be more fair if everyone got a prize today?" Of course they all shouted yes and I passed out postcards from Vista Print with a lotion sample in birthday cake flavors. Boys received Chocolate Cinnamon Frosting recipe and girls Raspberry Filling. They smelled delightful and all the kids were trying them on saying "Smell Me!" to their teachers.

With these steps and anything else you want to throw in you can teach kids about having their own business, etc. I forgot to mention a lot more about being an entrepreneur which I had planned but you could definitely explain how because you own your own business you're able to be there to present and how much fun you have as a family, etc.

Dallon let me know that all the kids loved my presentation and said he had a "very cool Mom." They all took home a reminder of Urban Botanic and were taking some extras for Moms, Sisters, etc. Very fun and exciting day for Mom and child! Hopefully you'll be first on the list to sign up for your kid's Career Days and if they don't have them, mention it to the school/PTA so that they can educate kids on all the options for them in a career and to keep them dreaming!


UB SoCal said...

Wow Shawna...amazing! I wish I could have been there. You are a natural teacher with all the classroom management tricks up your sleeve! My kids are all in high school, but I will see what is out there! I love the idea!

Angie said...

You ARE a Cool Mom!!!