Monday, June 18, 2007

Juggling Summer and Your Business (TSF)

The song that talks about the lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer was clearly written in the days before summer camps, organized sports, and swimming lessons. In theory - the prospect of summer brings visions of endless time to work your business. However, if you have children, you may be finding that the change in schedule leaves you less focused on your business and more focused on getting your kids to and from their activities.

Today we offer some suggestions of how to manage both your business and your family during the summer months.

- Carpooling - a great solution not only to rising gas prices, but a time management solution!

- Shared childcare - buddy up with a friend and trade time for time

- Pockets of time - always carry your calling list, calendar and cell phone with you. Use the time you spend waiting for kids making some calls to customers.

- While sitting at ballgames and swim lessons, stamp catalogs and stuff hostess and recruiting packets.

- Business mileage - drop your kids at their activities on the way to recruiting appointments, a hostess' house, the post office or the bank.

- Hire a mom's helper. Take one day a week and have a neighborhood sixth or seventh grader come to play with your children. Your kids will find a `big kid' infinitely more fun than you and YOU will be breaking in a new sitter.

- Have a portable office in your car. Always be ready to pass out a business card, schedule a party, or hand out a catalog. If you carry inventory, you may want to carry a small supply around in your car. You never know when there is a sale waiting out there.

Keeping your business open and running during the summer is a MUST if you are planning on a lucrative fall. Plan to work and work your plan. The combination of summer and kids requires a little more energy and creativity - but it will pay off in spades 30, 60 and 90 days from now when some of the seeds that you plant are ready for a fall harvest.

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