Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Hive Member Spotlight - Tami Mickey - Cassoday, KS

I am single and have 3 kids. My son Taylin, 21 is a senior at Kansas University in 07-08. My daughter Katy, 18 is a sophomore at Butler Community College next year. My daughter Carly is 13 and in the 8th grade at Flinthills middle school. We live in Cassoday Kansas . It is a town of about 100 great people, located about in the middle of Kansas City and Wichita . I love it here!!! I was born in Stratton Nebraska , January 16th 1964. How time flys!!!

My daughters and I have been interested in making our own fragrances and have done it before in the mall in KC. I was thrilled to see Dendria was having a party here. I will have a great support and network. My church is large and in the city. My daughter’s friends will be excited as well. I have 4 sisters so I’m sure I will be supported there also. I have been thankful for your encouragement already. Thank you. Keep up the great support. Teach me how to be as supportive also.

My personality test were floral 20% and fruity, leafy, woodsy were 18% with herby at 14% and spicy at 12%. I thought they seemed to be very accurate on paper. When my kit comes, I’ll mix some up and see!!! In the next year I see myself as a growing business owner, learning and having fun with people.

The personality trait I have that will help me be successful is that I love people and I love to have fun!!!

Shawna's Fun Questions:

If you were a candy bar which one would you be and why?
Hershey’s with Almonds They are sweet and nutty!!! And my favorite.

If you were told you could earn 1 mil by hiring 30 consultants in 30 days how would you go about it?

Have a party inviting the public with a BBQ and music in the square of Old town in the city. Advertise in all the local papers on Sunday’s for a month.

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urbanbotanic90245 said...

Welcome to the Hive, Tami!
and welcome to UB!!

You and I have simular birthdays- I was born January 14, 1964!

Take care-