Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Hive Member Spotlight - Arlene DeVroy - Port Huron, MI

I am located in Port Huron, MI. I am divorced I have a 9 year old son and a 20 year old son living at home. I am a Taurus my birthday is in May.

I attend Cosmetology College with about 100 students and we all want to look and smell beautiful! So I talked the owner in to letting me have a party there. I can’t wait..
I have so much support all around about this, everyone I talked with wants to buy from me.

I am floral and yes it hit the nail right on the head! I want to take this to the top, Since I am in a state where it has not been launched the door is wide open for me. My skillsets are communication skills and a great personality.
If I was given $1000.00 to market my product, I would first advertise as much as possible where ever I could. ( newspapers, flyer's, salons) I would also check prices for advertising on our local TV channels, internet, buy business cards and pass them all out!
I would get a magnetic sign for my van so people would ask about it.

If I was a flower I would be a Lily Of The Valley because they smell beautiful, are tiny, only here for a short time so you have to enjoy them while they are here and they look like cute tiny little bells.

If we think of it as our life, we are only here for a short time so we must make ourselves and others happy while we can.. so we will be remembered by others for years to come and live life to the fullest.
I am so glad I am now part of your team!!!