Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Loving What You Do

Today was a wonderful morning. I have been having a rough weekend with issues from my ex-husband and the regular drama that can ensue there and I woke up to find that 2 Hive Members have their own blogs! You are all such an incredible inspriration and resource for me!

I have added them to my Navigation on the right but a huge shout out to Tracy and Avis for investing in their business! Today's homework is to read Avis' great post on Loving What You Do: http://ubbuzz.blogspot.com/2007/06/importance-of-loving-what-you-do.html


urbanbotanic90245 said...

Hi Shawna-

Sorry to hear about your weekend. I can definately relate, I grew up with my parents divorced since I was 4 and my dad and stepmom caused so my stress to us. I also am divorced and am very lucky to have an amicable even friendly relationship with my ex. Hopefully things will get better for you, take care- Tracy

UB Queen Bee said...

Thanks Tracy! Usually the waters are pretty calm around here but sometimes they get a bit rocky :)

Thanks for all you do and keep up the awesome work!

UB SoCal said...

Wow! Thanks for the kudos! I've never done a blog, but I'm lovin' it...it's kinda therapeutic!