Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Tapping My Own Resources for Urban Botanic Success

So it was time to update my Working Mother blog today and I spilled over into this blogger on there by the name of Julie Lenzer Kirk. She has just finished her book called The ParentPreneur Edge and it looks really interesting. In a nutshell her book teaches you how to use your parenting skills in your business to be successful. She's also featured on 6/18 on this online radio show which I have found to a be a huge resource called Growing Your Business with Fred & Lyna.

That keyed me onto to another website that was featured on 6/4 and I'm going to see if they record them so I can listen to it called Small Business Mavericks. They have an article called Article Marketing that I'm finding SUPER interesting.

When I write for Associated Content I try to get paid as much as possible for my articles and after reading that article it truly sums up what Lauri has patiently been trying to explain to me so I found this really helpful and like article marketing for dummies!

I think you'll find the websites really helpful. It's easy to get caught up into some of this stuff and then feel lost in trying to execute on it but I think that I can easily assimilate it into the book I'm reading right now called The Power of Focus by Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen.

It's helping me to put into action all of the things I'm learning and set goals against it. This week I'll be one year older but MANY years wiser since entering into the roller coaster we call Urban Botanic!

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