Thursday, June 7, 2007

The power of a hand-written note... (TSF)

Call me old fashioned but…

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The power of a hand-written note or personalized card should not be underestimated.
In this “E” age (electronic voicemail, E-tickets, and E-mail) we, as a society are becoming more detached and less personal with friends, family and co-workers.

While the “E” world does have its advantages - it can be faster, more efficient and a time saver in many circumstances. I caution you not to forsake the written word.
While it might be easier to shoot a quick email off to a consultant on your team who needs recognition for a job well done - a hand written postcard makes a much more powerful statement. Think about it. More than 50% of all Americans still say that getting their mail is the high point in their day. Sad but true, especially when you take a look at your most recent mailbox goodies. At our house, it was an advertisement for the local cable provider, a grocery store sale flier, three bills, and a couple of bank statements. Whoop-dee-doo!

On the rare occasion that there is a hand addressed envelope in the pile - THAT gets my immediate attention. I assure you, your consultants and your customers feel the same way.
Sending a fun, colorful, handwritten recognition postcard to a team consultant is sure to earn you a spot on the refrigerator for her whole family to see…(after all, when was the last time anyone gave her a compliment for the swell job she did of cleaning the kitchen?!) AND spouses SHOULD see when their mate is doing a great job - an email just won't do!

Your hostesses and customers, probably have mailboxes bearing the same, boring, mail as the rest of us. How much more likely will they be to remember YOU if you send them a personally written thank you note?

So, keep postage and stationery close at hand. It's the old fashioned a little slower than email but I challenge you to try it for the next couple of months. Jotting a quick note after getting off the phone with a consultant or customer and popping it in the mail is a habit that you want to get into. Yes, postage is going up in price while email is, basically, free - but a 41 cent stamp and the cost of some stationery or postcards is a miniscule investment that will pay you back tenfold.


UB SoCal said...

I totally agree! I am so tired of all of the junk mailers, credit card offers, bills and statements that show up in my mailbox every day. It is such a rare treat to receive a letter or a card with my name on the envelope and to open it up and find a personal message from someone I know. Shawna has a great point...if I love receiving a note, no matter how short, so must everyone else. Thanks for the reminder!

Angie said...

I absolutely agree! Like those cute little notes I get!