Thursday, June 28, 2007

My Meeting with Seattle PI Blogger - Girl About Town

So today I had the WONDERFUL opportunity to share the UB concept with Darnell Sue, Blogger - Girl About Town. She was a hoot and we had a good talk and some wonderful Thai. It's amazing how we are all 6 degrees of separation away from someone else. We had a lot of the same contacts, but were also able to share some new contacts with each other and that was a blast.

She is a leafy and created a yummy fragrance of Water Lily, Sandalwood, and Honeysuckle that is now her signature scent. I think she was surprised she actually liked the leafy scents as she has always been drawn to the fruity family. $10 says her husband is a fruity!

She is now featuring me as one of her friendly bloggers and also is doing a write up on UB on her Friday episode of "What's Haute!" I'm so excited to be acquainted with her and her spirit and warmth were mesmorizing. Including her incredibly long blonde hair and flair for fashion. She grew up in Hoquiam which is a VERY small town here in WA and told me she was voted BEST DRESSED which is obvious when you meet her. I have added her to my blog and think that's a fun idea for those you are networking with. Be sure to add a link for "Bloggers You Love" as well! Those reciprocal links are win/wins for everyone.

We mixed up her lotion right there at the restaurant table after lunch and it went very smoothly and she mentiond a few boutiques that might love to partner so I'll be following up on those! It just goes to show you never know who might be interested and love the UB story and concept so don't be afraid to approach people in your locale. It's so easy to just send a quick email introducing yourself and offering to meet for lunch is a great way to start a relationship and really explain to them how it all works. She loved the Downtown Dog Lounge idea and may mention that as well.

This week has been so thrilling! I hope all of you are positioning yourselves for our makeover launch in the next couple of weeks!

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UB SoCal said...

Wow! Sounds like it was a great meeting! That is pretty cool that you were mixing lotions at the table at a restaurant! UB will travel!!! LOL! Can't wait to see her Blog!