Saturday, June 30, 2007

Remembering a Legend

Saturday is posting early due to the fact I'm out of town this weekend at Hoopfest for Dallon!

I think most of us can safely say that we've purchased a Liz Claiborne item or 2 once in our lifetime. This woman is amazing and will truly be missed! She was a fashion icon and her pioneering spirit reminds me of Urban Botanic and where we are at currently. This wave is coming and we can either be "riding it" or "drown by it." I hope we're all in a place to ride the wave!

Here is a taste of this great article. See the link below to read it all!

"With husband Art Ortenberg and partners Leonard Boxer and Jerome Chazen, Claiborne launched her label in 1976 after working for years as a relatively unknown dress designer. The brand emphasized ensemble sportswear, quality and keeping the price tag below that of other designers. Liz Claiborne and her husband retired from the day-to-day operations in 1989. The new approach to dressing revolutionized the department store industry, which had focused on stocking pants in one department and skirts in another.

"It's what the working woman needed," said Joanne Arbuckle, chairwoman of the art and design department at the Fashion Institute of Technology. "Her coordinated pieces — you went from the turtleneck to sweater to pants to the socks. It's like what Gap did for kids, and she did it beautifully."

In the same spirit of pioneering, Kristie Edelman in MA is having a first for The Hive! A party in NY! I'm so dying to get New York opened and we wish Kristie the best in captivating her audience and a potential new recruit! She is such a talented woman and has won herself a $30.00 gift card or ad credit for creating our new La Mode fragrance for my fashion show on August 24th. WAY TO GO KRISTIE! To find her yummy summery receipe visit the Great Big Recipe Book on UB FanAddicts.

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