Sunday, June 24, 2007

Big Things are Happening with Urban Botanic!

I'm so jazzed today I can hardly stop to relax. This week is going to be huge and I can hardly wait. Here is my schedule thus far and the power of attraction just keeps em coming!

Monday - Meet with Seattle P.I. blogger "Girl About Town" on the Urban Botanic experience.
Tuesday - Be interviewed on by Kerrie Spencer for the July 2nd show (visit the website to listen to previous shows only 15 min!)
Wednesday - Create signature scents for Kerrie and Wedding Bee sample recipient Tracy (pre-paid orders).
Thursday - Follow up with boutiques that are interested in doing the affiliate program and meet face to face to create their postcard and signature scent.
Friday - Downtown Dog Lounge campaign - create 900 postcards and perfume samples for all of their grooming clients. Head to Spokane, WA for Hoop Fest (basketball tournament that Dallon is playing in)

I'm super psyched about Monday and the networking I'll be doing with my contact from the P.I. It's a great opportunity locally to really extend the business here and find other Fragrance Designers interested in all we have to offer. I hope that all of you are taking advantage of the lull the summer seems to bring and the beautiful weather that helps to get everyone in a good mood and open to look at something new! Start your PR engines so you have a lot of things in place for July and August to really push the new Signature Collections and up your commissions 100%!

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